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Anti Cancer Injection
The Anti-cancer injections are the essential part of targeted therapy. These are suggested on the advanced stage of disease. Supplied injections are simple to administer.
Anti Cancer Medicine
Anti-cancer medicines are the cancer chemotherapy drugs, which are recommended by the doctors to deal with various stages of cancer. In addition, these have crucial role in the active treatment and management of several types of cancer.
Pharmaceutical Capsules
Pharmaceutical Capsules have ease of administration, as they are simple to swallow. These have been the preferred choice for patients who dont want to take liquid medications, especially kids and the elder ones.
Anti Cancer Drugs
Anti-cancer drugs are the highly effective and safe to use drugs, used in chemotherapy, which can treat as well as manage the disease of cancer. Offered medicines function as the highly essential part of cancer treatment, but their dose and timings should be decided by doctors only.
Anti Cancer Capsules
Anti cancer capsules are included with several medical constituents. These have their own mechanism of action, which assist in inhibiting the spread and growth of cancer cells. These have many potential benefits and assist in effective treatment.
Sofosbuvir Tablets
Sofosbuvir Tablets are the top quality medications, made for the effective and safe treatment of chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection. These can be taken with other antiviral drugs so as to boost their efficacy in long run.
Covid Test Kit
COVID-19 test kits ensure early detection of the coronavirus, even in individuals are presymptomatic or asymptomatic. Use of the kit ensures the prevention from further transmission.
Human Normal Albumin
Human normal albumin is a protein that occurs in plasma of human blood. It has been made to perform various essential functions in the body, and serves assorted medical purposes.
Cancer Injections
Cancer Injections are used for tumor shrinkage and can effectively reduce the tumors size. In addition, these can alleviate symptoms and boosts the patient's quality of life. With the help of these injections, these enable simple surgical removal of the tumor.
Dolutegravir Tablets
Dolutegravir tablets are the antiretroviral medications, which are suited for the treatment of HIV infection. These function as the integrase strand transfer inhibitors which are marketed under various brand names.
Letrozole Tablet
Letrozole is recommended for the effective treatment of certain hormone-based conditions in women. These function as aromatase inhibitors, which are suited for reducing the estrogen formation.